Monday, August 27, 2007

Meet Julius Caesar

Meet my sweetie, Julius. A 7-week mini schnauzer (salt & pepper) . Totally adorable!
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He has a brother too, Caesar whose coloring is black & silver.
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Loves to sleep and cuddle with his little brother (who although smaller in size, is by no means meeker in character).
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And gorges on food during meal time like there's no tomorrow.
Note to self: Must, must teach him better table manners...!


Jaa.M said...

he's so cute!! remind me of mine when he was young..

Spunky said...

Eeps! adorable! just like mine Venus!!
but he had such a big appetite l o l

cookies_cream said...

so so cute!!! Can I hug them both???

myCoffee said...

Thanks all for your nice compliment. Ya, Julius is such a darling at 7 week. Puppies are the cutest at around this age. Gotta savour every moment before he starts to grow out of this stage.

Godzilla The Lizard King said...

hey did you get two dogs??? So cute!! bee has so grown out of the cute phase already.. :(

ilovepearly said...

Awww...cute puppy!
Makes me want to get a second pup as well but I'll wait.

Iva & Pearly

Precious Pea said...

OMG!!!! Soo adorable. Both your new babies??

myCoffee said...

Cute leh, cute leh... ;-p
Just to clarify, only Julius is mine. Caesar belongs to my friend. We bought them at the same time. In fact, Julius was living with them for the first 5 days.