Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Julius, the Performer

Julius is good at performing. He is quite a fast learner when it comes to learning tricks and likes to "show-off" (but he has his moods sometimes). But more than ever, he LOVES to perform when he knows there are treats waiting for him. Just look at the video. Amos, my nephew, holds a dog treat and asks Julius to "CIRCLE"; which he does on-and-on, without losing sight of the treat.


benjiboy said...

Hi there! Julius is really cute and he really reminds me of Benji when Benji was much younger! Haha... all the similarities... like "tham jiak ness", "standing on two when bathing" etc... :)

See ya around!

Benji's & Jessie's mommy...

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hallo julius...nice 2 meet u...

myCoffee said...

Hi benjiboy,
Thanks for visiting. Hope to see more posts on Benji and jessie soon! :)

Hi pacco,
Thanks for dropping by! :)