Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Turning 3 months old....

Julius had barely just turned 3 months old, and yet I can't help but to feel that he is growing up too fast...
Some recent pictures of him.

This must be his least favourite activity - bath time!
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At each bath time, he turned into a real pathetic case. Appearance wise, he instantly looks like he had dropped 2/3 of his normal weight (with the wet fur). Not only that, he whimpers and whines and refused to stand and all fours. Instead he will insist on standing up right (so he could cling on tightly to my hand as if that is his life-saving line).
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Look how pitiful he looks during his bath time!

Remember when I mentioned that he turns into a monster at each meal time? Well, I am proud to say that I have successfully taught him some good table manners. He now sits patiently (although he must be really impatient to get to his food) starring at his food bowl until I give him the cue to have his food. *applause* *applause*

But he loves food so much (what can I say, he takes after his mistress...) that he often dreams about it even in his sleep! See what I mean by watching the video below (turn up the volume for some "special effect").

Ultimately, nothing is better than a good nap on his favourite pillow.
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