Tuesday, March 20, 2007

G(X) New Release Review (BP61, BA56, BS67, RPM34)

Way overdue since this is the 2nd week (or is it the 3rd already) into the newly-launched tracks for G(X) classes. Here are my 2 cents on these new releases:

BodyPump 61
Despite being told that this launch is rather tough (probably just a scare tactic from the instructors), I don't really agree, at least not for all. I like the warm-up track, "Love Changes Everything", nice song although the new combi/repetitions (instead of the standard 4/6/8 could be a bit confusing. Squats track, not tough. It has been pre-warned that there are lots of singles and bottom halves but the bottom halves are just merely 2's and 4's. As for chest track, no push-ups (yay) but the "slow's" (4 repetitions) are tougher than I thought, particularly during the last round. As usual, 8 bottom-halves are rather taxing as well. Still, I managed to increase another 2kg during the last round (after the break). The song is pretty cool too (I'm Not Dead by Pink). Quite hillarious when I overheard some gung-ho's who find the track easy saying "I am not dead, just sleeping" (haha). Back track, 1 of my weakest track. No surprises here although the recently-introduced method of wide-hand-grip and pulling the bar towards the chest especially during the 7-rows are rather taxing. End that with 6 lifts at the end, I could really work out a sweat (particularly when I increased another 2kg for the last 6 lifts). Triceps are not tough but not so easy either thanks to the kick-backs (the singles and upper-half-pulses) but that's the climax. By the time you work with the bar, it's almost like cool-down already. Biceps: short track. Some people commented not liking the song (Original Fire) but strangely, it grew on me. Not very tough. Lots of bottom-halves. Control and good form are the key words here. I've seen a couple of guys loading up for this track (probably were foretold that it's gonna be easy) only to sway/swing their body a lot or to stop frequently during the track. What's the point? Showing off or working hard? Lunges: Step board is back again. Need I say more? Tip: If you find it difficult to balance yourself on the step board, I find that placing the mat over the board and standing on the mat helps. Shoulders: For once, it does not begin with push-ups but you get them at the end. No need to use the bar too. Deceptively easy. Yes, those "mac rise" could be quite a killer. However, those push-ups at the end are unexpectedly easy. Still, shoulders are rather sore after this workout. Abs: Not much comment
Overall: Ok. The new changes found in this release are pretty alright.
Current Weights (for BP61): SQ=32kg, CH=15-17kg, BK=17-19kg, TR=12kg, BI=10kg, LU=22kg (down from 24kg), SH= 2.5kg plates x 2 or 7lbs dumbell x2

BodyAttack 56
I still haven't decided whether I like this release or not. Compared to the previous release, I daresay that this is easier. Not much to say about track 1 and 2. Track 3 has lots of jumping jacks after the "superman" move. Track 4 (1st peak) mimics a volleyball court. I like the beginning of the song. Quite glad that it does not have any power lunges (not my favourite because it's very easy to get injury in power lunges due to the high impact it places on joints). The new "pendulum" move in track 6 is quite fun. Again, quite easy compared to the previous release. Not much to say about track 7, not my favourite. The last 2 power tracks can be pretty challenging. I remember track 8 not having real breaks in between intervals, and as for track 9, well let's just say the last bit with the high knee-ups will surely bring your heart rate to your desired maximum target heart rate zone.
Overall: Not as challenging as the previous release. But with the "right" instructor, all BA classes could be very challenging.

BodyStep 67
Music not bad for this release. I like track 4 and 6 for this release. Something different but yet work you out alright... Particularly track 6, when you thought you are done, there comes another "box step" repetition followed by series of single knee. Tiring! Other than that, track 8 (speed track) feels more like a "party" track with te "cha-chas". Track 9 (power track) is not very inspiring. The upper body conditioning track is rather cute (song: Oh Yeah). If you find this release too easy for you, I suggest adding in a jump whenever you can (and whenever the instructor allows it) and upping the step board level throughout.

I have to admit I don't quite like the songs in this track but the new (and not-so-new) twists added to this release are welcomed (such as the 2 hills in track 2 and the standing climb in track 6 - speed track). I like the song "Pretty Vegas" in track 5 though (did this before in one of the previous release of Body Attack); and the opening (warm-up) track "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" is quite cute too. Other than this, there is no other extremes found in this release. The most challenging being Track 5 (interval) followed by Track 7 (mountain) but these are not that difficult than say, Track 5 (Scream) from Release 32 or Track 7 from Release 30 (Going Insane), or "The Night Train" from Release 26 and another one by Ricky Martin (can't remember song title). Track 4 and 6 are ok if not a little dull, but can't be compared to my favaourites such as Bend and Break (Track 4) and Rise Again (Track 6) from release 32. Hmmm..., seems like I quite like release 32.

There you have it, my rather long review on the current new release.

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