Thursday, March 8, 2007

What I Like...

So that you know, I am not just a "makan kaki" (foodie) but also a "gym kaki". Which works fine for my as a way of balancing my waistline (although it does not always work in the way that I wanted it to). My favourite gym programs are mainly LesMills classes or otherwise known as GX classes. And top of my list includes BodyPump, RPM. BodyAttack and BodyStep. Used to be a regular of BodyCombat and PowerYoga classes but had since stopped going (not so much time to go to all these classes lar...). Not a fan of BodyJam and BodyBalance though. As for cardio machines, I like the stepper but dislike everything else. Oh well, if there is no stepper, I might be persuaded to use the threadmill (really boring to me) or the "butt-buster" wave machine.

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