Monday, March 19, 2007

Surprise! Surprise!

Hard-core RPMers and BodyAttackers will say that BodyStep does not have enough "oomph" (losely translated - easy). I would even daresay some kinda sneered at this class. I used to think so too (to a certain extent aka in certain tracks) once I figured out the routines (rather repetitive even with new track launches).

Recently I have been playing around with my Timex Ironman Triathlon HRM watch (ok, not mine but my brother's). I want to see my actual heart rate zone during the different classes that I participated in. Anyway, I measured my heart rate zone during Body Step class the other day. Was surprised to see that on average (even during the lower impact tracks), my HR zone stayed in the 70-80% zone with spikes in 85-90% in certain tracks (such as Track 4 and 6 in BODYSTEP® 67). And this is similar to a regular RPM class. So who said BodyStep is easy???

Oh, I should probably mention that I normally increase the step board to level 3 throughout the BodyStep class.

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